Magnetics Done Right

The highly sensitive and rapid sampling (10 kHz) TM-7 cesium vapour magnetometer system has been specifically designed by Gap Geophysics Australia for multi-sensor high-definition magnetics surveys.
Based on the TM-7 system, GapEOD operates a range of magnetic acquisition platforms that include person-carried and vehicle-towed single-, quad-, and octo-sensor systems.

The TM-7 is the ultimate total-field magnetometer with applications in ground-level UXO and environmental surveys, as well as airborne magnetics and TDEM.
Accurate positioning and navigation is achieved through DGPS; synchronization uses GPS-sourced 1PPS timing.
Absolute error is 0.043 nT at 50,000 nT.

For more information on GapEOD’s UltraMag technology and systems please contact us.