UltraTEM Borehole

Identification Without Costly Excavation

The UltraTEM Borehole UXO detection system is an Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC) technology designed to characterise deeply buried potential UXO to avoid costly excavation of non UXO targets.

UltraTEM Borehole UXO is well suited to challenging sites where (1) UXO are deeper than can be detected or classified with AGC arrays and (2) where urban environments with significant background response make conventional systems ineffective. GapEOD’s system utilises a Fixed Loop EM (FLEM) approach. The transmitter for the system consists of a Gap GeoPak EODTx200 fast-switching transmitter which inputs up to 200 A into a nominally 10 x 10 m transmit loop. The sensor is a Bartington 3-axis low noise fluxgate magnetometer which is connected to SMARTem24 Receiver from EMIT.

For more information on GapEOD’s UltraTEM borehole technology and systems please contact us.