Advanced Geophysical Classification Technology

The UltraTEM-IV is a next-generation technology that allows for metal object searches with high fidelity. It was developed by GapEOD in partnership with Black Tusk Geophysics to overcome problems with outdated equipment common in the industry. The UltraTEM uses three-component electromagnetic receivers in combination with a powerful transmitter. The high clarity of the data produced allows for dependable discrimination of close-by objects of various sizes. This translates into investigations that are cheaper, faster, and smarter.

Advantages of the UltraTEM system include:

  • Flexible multi-static transmitter and receiver geometry
  • Precise time synchronisation of all sensor streams
  • Real-time data visualisation in BTField
  • One-pass classification capability
  • Validated by DAGCAP for Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC)

UltraTEM Configurations

The UltraTEM system configuration is flexible and can be optimized to suit the project requirements. The system is available for service or lease in the following configurations:

  • UltraTEM Detector: The simplest system configuration featuring 6 receivers and 1 transmitter coil. This system is ideal for covering large areas and can be deployed in person-portable or towed-array configuration.
  • UltraTEM Screener:  This system includes an AHRS unit to provide improved positional data and is designed for covering large areas with improved screening of metal clutter.
  • UltraTEM Classifier: Features up to 6 transmitter coils. This system has lower coverage rates but with significantly improved screening of metallic clutter and an ability to target specific calibre unexploded ordnance. Currently only available as a towed-array.
  • UltraTEM Deep Search: The transmitter coil is separated from the sensors in a fixed loop on the surface. In this configuration, the excitation field penetrates deeper, which allows it to work effectively in areas of magnetic geology, where existing technologies do not function well.

For more information on GapEOD’s UltraTEM technology and systems please contact us.

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The UltraTEM Now Validated for AGC through DAGCAP

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